Editors Letter

The past year has been extraordinary. As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, life as we knew it ground to a halt. People stayed home, spent time with their families, and considered their priorities. 

Kiawah Island has always been a haven, a respite from a busy world. But in 2020, life on the Island took on a new significance. Members who previously spent occasional weekends here came to stay, drawn to the sea breezes and wide open spaces. They settled in, spending their days biking and reading in the sunshine. They swam in the ocean, took long walks on the beach, and learned the names of songbirds. But more importantly, they connected with one another—navigating challenging conversations and offering support in the face of difficult circumstances. This was the silver lining of a difficult year. 

The Kiawah community continues to evolve in meaningful ways—toward inclusivity, toward authentic expressions of solidarity and understanding. I am so grateful to help document this moment in time. Enjoy.  


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Our Team

  • Sunny Gray is the CFO of the DIG SOUTH Interactive Festival. Also a mother of two, copy editor for Legends Magazine, serial entrepreneur and former business owner and publisher of the Little Black Book for Every Busy Woman, Sunny’s entire life is a grand, interactive adventure. A graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Sunny majored in journalism and English and continues to scrutinize words and obsess over comma usage, usually with a cup of coffee in hand.

  • Nathan Durfee has garnered notoriety across the Southeast for his captivating, pop-surrealist narratives and intriguing use of color. Currently based in Charleston, South Carolina, Durfee has been heralded as the Best Local Visual Artist by Charleston City Paper for the past four years. Durfee’s solo gallery exhibitions has also been met with critical acclaim and profiled in American Art Collector, Charleston Art and Charleston Scene magazines. His art, including oil paintings, ink drawing and digital illustrations, can be viewed at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina.


  • Hailey Wist received her undergraduate degree from the College of Charleston and graduate degree from Georgetown University. She is a native of San Diego, California but has lived in Charleston for over fifteen years. She is currently working on her twelfth issue of Legends Magazine.


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